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Data recovery

Not all is lost... In the case of data, in most cases we can recover missing files. As long as the media remains in a suitable physical condition.

The amount of data recovered depends on many factors, and the process itself is time-consuming and meticulous. However, data does not disappear as easily as you might think. Hence, we offer our professional assistance - both to companies and individuals.

We recover data from all media:

  • Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets),
  • Pendrives,
  • SDSD cards,
  • CDs/DVDs,
  • Damaged RAID arrays,

We recover data regardless of the type of damage:

  • Logical errors: The data carrier is functional, but some files or data are not accessible due to reasons such as: lost partition, accidental formatting, viruses, corrupted or accidentally deleted files.
  • Damaged RAID array.
  • Physical damage: The data carrier is damaged, does not turn on or reads data incorrectly. In such situations, the most common cause is damage to the head, the drive of the drive or the memory controller in the case of SSD (flash memory) drives. Characteristic of this type of damage in the case of HDD drives are disturbing sounds coming from inside the device: friction, rattling. Data recovery in this case requires the replacement of damaged components.


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We serve companies from the entire city of Warsaw, but the closest we have is in Bemowo, Ochota and Wola.

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