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IT SPECIALIST is a reliable company that has been providing rapid troubleshooting services for PCs and laptops, such as computer service and repair of computers with Windows or Mac systems, for years. The company also deals with solving problems related to malfunctioning software and data recovery from storage media and hard drives, establishing and configuring networks (cable and wireless) and getting rid of malware and viruses (Trojans, spyware).

IT SPECIALIST offers its services, such as computer repair, in Bemowo, Ochota and Wola.

Our specialists will be happy to help with the expansion, maintenance or assembling of computer equipment. We guarantee satisfaction with our services, because the priority of our activity is trust and quick response time. You can count on us throughout Warsaw, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. In our offer you will find a computer emergency service with access to the customer, because your comfort is important to us.

What we do

We provide all services in the spectrum of "I would like it to work like this" because we assume that you do not need to be familiar with computers or networks, because all you have to do is describe your problem and we will match the best and cheap solution. So if your problem is network optimization in a large company or re-installation of the system on a private computer, then we have a ready solution for you, which is IT SPECIALIST.

We perform most of the services that are in our offer directly at the customer's location. In the case of problems that occur rarely, i.e. those that require longer analysis, we take the computer to our workshop. We provide a pleasant and cultural atmosphere during cooperation and guarantee the reliability of services rendered. At work, we follow the motto: If the problem is not resolved - the customer pays nothing.

At IT SPECIALIST, we deal with diagnostics of hardware software, slow startup, incorrect colors on the screen, strange messages, so if any of these problems occurred on your computer, then we encourage you to use our services. We will diagnose your computer and set the right path for hardware or system repair.

Have you lost your data and don't know what to do or your child has deleted everything from the computer? Or maybe you clicked and there is nothing on the flash drive or the dog bit your hard drive? You don't have to worry any more. All you have to do is report to us and we will try to recover as much useful data as possible. At IT SPECIALIST, we also deal with malware, repair and acceleration of computers, laptops, tablets as well as physical cleaning of equipment. If your computer stutters or heats up, or your favorite game / program does not run as smoothly as it should, don’t hesitate come to us! We will find the cause of this problem and suggest the best and the cheapest solution. If you don't know what is wrong with your computer or laptop or you have an individual need, our team will help you with any IT problem. We guarantee that our experience will solve even the most complex problems.

We will solve your problems

IT SPECIALIST website offers design, implementation and maintenance of structural networks. We install and configure network devices and IT cabinets. We make cable installations and wireless networks. The selection of elements from which we make a structural network is based on our experience, but also on the preferences of our client.

If your company works on files in the "cloud", we can implement special devices for it that have a lot of memory, such as 3 terabytes, where data is protected against loss by various types of backups. An additional advantage of this solution is access to data from anywhere in the world where we have access to the Internet. More and more companies, such as design offices, law firms and advertising companies, are creating their own file servers, because the fee for this type of server is one-time and pays back very quickly, unlike very well-known virtual disks.

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Serwis komputerowy Warszawa
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IT Specialist Opinie o IT Specialist evaluates IT Specialist on
5/ 5 stars
I have a hard drive on my computer with all customer data and company documents.. I did not back up so .... I was already counting money on data recovery. I was recommended service on ul. Kasprzaka 31B in Warsaw. The way of talking to the client did not change my ideas about a "typical programmer - computer programmer" :) but I had a working computer after about 15 minutes for an unbelievably low price. I would recommend !!!

IT Specialist Opinie o IT Specialist rates IT Specialist at
5/ 5 stars
he computer after a failed upgrade to Windows 10, has been successfully repaired and works like new. Very affordable price for such a quick repair. I can recommend to anyone.

IT Specialist Opinie o IT Specialist rates IT Specialist on
5/ 5 stars
The laptop was repaired after flooding and it seemed that it was the end. The repair is done within 7 business days. Warranty for repair. I would recommend.


Fix24 Jakub Jankowski

Warsaw, ul. Kasprzaka 31B

Tel. 883-559-215


NIP: 758-22-22-942

We serve companies from the entire city of Warsaw, but the closest we have is in Bemowo, Ochota and Wola.

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