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IT services for companies

Our IT services for companies in Warsaw, related to computer hardware and software, as well as data processing services, are primarily addressed to enterprises that do not have their own IT department, and the efficient functioning of IT infrastructure is crucial for them. After all, a properly built IT structure allows the company to significantly improve its operation.

In order to create the right system for your enterprise, we recommend using IT SPECIALIST support - a company whose employees specialize in information technologies, which guarantees, an increase in the efficiency and security of their IT systems.

The IT SPECIALIST offer includes, among others: consulting and implementation services in relation to computer hardware and software, services related to the maintenance and repair of computers and peripheral devices, data recovery services in the event of a failure, consultancy and assistance in matters related to computer resource management, analysis, design and programming of ready systems (including website development and design) and technical consultations related to software, licenses to use mass-produced software, development, production, supply and documentation of customized software,, system maintenance and other support services, such as training offered as part of consultancy services, data processing services, such as data entry, table creation and processing based on time-sharing, web server administration services (e.g. providing space on the Internet server for placing customer websites), management of computer devices.

IT support for healthcare

In our offer you will also find IT services for clinics in Warsaw. IT support for medical companies is a task that is not scary for IT SPECIALIST crew, who will make every effort to ensure that the IT systems of each medical clinic that they look after are working without question. This is an extremely important issue, especially in the light of the amendment to the Act on the information system in healthcare, which imposes on medical facilities the obligation to keep medical records in electronic form and specifies that the administrator of the data collected in the registers is the entity maintaining that medical register.

We offer our IT services in Warsaw to both small and large companies, public organizations, outpatient clinics and private individuals. In order to use IT SPECIALIST services, please contact us.

IT services for companies
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